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Integrated Tower Solutions provides skilled labor and professional services to the telecommunications and broadcast tower industry. We specialize in tower rigging, tower engineering, and project management services.

We have assembled an ownership, management, and field team that is young and energetic yet very experienced. All members of our team have stellar reputations within this industry. Due to our high level of expertise we operate much more efficiently and provide a much higher quality product than our competitors. We strive to set and maintain schedules, delivering our product on time and on budget.

Our most important strength is the expertise and quality of people involved with the company. Over the last 15 years the company founders and key employees have developed tremendous reputations within the industry.

Curtis Pippin P.Eng. (President)
Curtis Pippin, P.Eng. has worked in the telecommunications and broadcast industry for over 15 years. He has worked in all facets of the industry ranging from tower rigger to design engineer to management.

Curtis began his career as a tower rigger before pursuing an education in engineering. He graduated with a Bachelors of Engineering (Civil) from the University of Saskatchewan in 2002. During and after his engineering studies Curtis worked as a tower inspector and has inspected hundreds of towers. He has worked as a design engineer and designed over 100 towers, as well as performed hundreds of tower analyses. He has completed several specialty tower reinforcing jobs from a design, estimating, and project management perspective. Curtis has also worked extensively in the management and sales facet of the industry, managing another companies operations in both Saskatchewan and Manitoba. We was also responsible for their broadcast operations within Canada. Curtis is registered as a professional engineer in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. As well, he holds permits to provide consulting engineering services within these jurisdictions.

Curtis is well respected within the industry and is viewed by many as a leader in his field. His field experience coupled with his engineering and management experience and knowledge is an asset to any organization and allows for well thought out projects.

Larry (Joey) Stabner (Vice President)
Larry (Joey) Stabner has worked in the telecommunications and broadcast industry for over 15 years. Mr. Stabner has worked in Canada, the United States, Sri Lanka, and Barbados during this time and accumulated a wealth of experience within the construction aspect of the tower industry.

Joey began his career as a tower rigger in Manitoba. Since that time he has accumulated a mass of construction experience and has been a senior field supervisor with two other tower companies. Joey is also a journeyman crane operator.

Joey is extremely well respected within this industry and is viewed by many as one of the pre-eminent tower builders within Western Canada, if not all of Canada. He is a pleasure to work with and all of his current and previous customers can attest to this as it is not rare to have jobs where Joey is specifically requested by clients.

Joshua Stabner (Senior Field Superintendant)
Joshua Stabner has worked in the telecommunications and broadcast industry for over 16 years. Josh has worked internationally and has experience with the construction of tall towers up to 1800ft as well as large broadcast antenna systems. He has worked as a senior tower field supervisor within Canada for the last eight years and is well respected within the industry. Josh well respected within the industry as a hard worker and consummate professional. Josh can and will meet any challenge that is presented to himself and his crew.

Todd (TJ) Hanna (Project Manager, CSO)
Todd (TJ) Hanna has over 11 years of experience in the telecommunications and broadcast industry. He has been a asset to the install of many major projects throughout western Canada. TJ began his career in the field, and advanced from Rigger through to Senior Arial Technician and then to Field Supervisor. In 2006 he took a promotion indoors as an active Project Coordinator. As he had previously, he again excelled at project coordination and material management. In 2010 TJ joined our team at I.T.S. Here he has continued to impress by bringing our company to a new level of professional management internally, and on-time productivity for our clients.

Aubrey Wiggins (Senior Aerial Technician)
Aubrey Wiggins has over 10 years of experience within our industry. He is a well respected foreman within the Western Canadian market. He has worked in the US and Puerto Rico during his career and has experience with all aspects of tower construction and antenna and transmission line installations.




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